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High Level Training Session 1 (11/04/2019): PRO Wkbk1 (Watch Now)
High Level Training Session 2 (11/12/2019): PRO Wkbk2 (Watch Now)
High Level Training Session 3 (11/14/2019): PRO Wkbk3 (Watch Now)

Session 1 (1/7): Lumens Demo  (Watch Now)
Student: Add student profile, Student self-registration, Review student dashboard
Instructor: Edit instructor profile, View/print rosters & sign in sheets, Email students

PRO Wkbk1
Session 2 (1/21): Workbook 1
(Watch Now)

System Options: System Preferences, Financial Policies, Instruction Calendar 
Room Management: Locations & Rooms, Room Features

Session 3 (1/29): Workbook 1 (Continued) (
Watch Now)
Instructors: Instructor Profiles

Course Managment: Categories, Subcategories, Courses

Session 4 (2/4) Workbook 1 (Continued) (
Watch Now)
Course Managment:
Classes (basic)
Student Management: Profile Creation

Wkbk-Website Training
Session 12 (2/7):  (
Watch Now)
System Options: Site Configurations

PRO Wkbk - PowerUser
Session 5 (2/11): Power User  (
Watch Now)
Registration: Basic Registration, Multiple payment methods
System Options:
Power User Settings, Staff Profiles, Instruction Calendar, Email Template Management

Session 6 (2/18): Power User Cont. 
(Watch Now)
Student Management: Editing Refunds
Course Management: Editing Course/Class Category/Subcategory
Reports: Deleting Custom Reports

PRO Wkbk2
Session 7 (2/25): Workbook 2  (Watch Now)
System options:  Template mgmt, Optional Field Set Up, List Value Mgmt, User Roles, Promotions

Session 8 (3/31): Workbook 2 (Continued)  (Watch Now)
Course Management: Flexible & Hybrid Schedules, Online Course Management (Schedule v Open ended), Discounts 
Student Management: Member Profiles (review), Email Students, Student Confirms, Catalog Requestors
Registrations: Late Registrations, Cancel, Waiting Lists, Voids

Session 9 (5/11): Go/No Go Review w/ Sarah (WKBK2) follwed by Unit Testing 
(Watch Now)
1st half  - Class Management: Go/No Go - Review of both options to calculate Go# -  By Receipt vs By Registration

2nd half - Unit Testing cont. 

PRO Wkbk2

Session 10 (5/19): Workbook 2 wrap-up 
(Watch Now)
Instructors: Email and Confirmations
Class Management: Go/No Go, Action Items, Instructor Checklist, Status Change, Record Grades/Attendance/CEUs, Release Forms 

PRO Wkbk3
Session 11 (5/26): Workbook 3 (
Watch Now)
System Options: Tracking settings, Response Analysis, Inactive/Deleted, Dashboard Admin

Course Management:  
Course Series

How to Create User Roles and Profiles in LMC 
(Watch Now)

PRO Wkbk3
Session 13  (6/11):  (
Watch Now)
Course Management: Evaluations

PRO Wkbk-3
Session 14  (6/18):  (
Watch Now)
Reports: Groups, Features, Filters 

3rd Party Pay and Accounts Receivable
Session 15 (7/2) (Watch Now)
: Cart Reservations, Over/Under Payments, On Account

3rd Party Process: Companies, Students, 3rd party registration

3rd Party Pay and Accounts Receivable Cont.
Session 16 (7/9) (Watch Now)
3rd Party Process: Students, 3rd party registration, Manage requests
Accounts Receivables: Power User Settings, Templates, AR Activity, Reports

Instructor Management Wkbk
Session 17 (7/16): (Watch Now)
Instructor: Profiles, Earnings & Payments
Document Editor: Fundamentals,  Merge Fields/Blocks
Instructor Management Wkbk Cont. 
Session 18 (7/?):(Watch Now)
Contracts, Reports