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Instructor Management

Budget Detail Codes


Contracting Guidance

Revenue Share (e.g., BOCES, Best, etc.)

State Aid Rates

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Professional Development

Lumens Docs

Lumens Power User-2020wiPRO
System Options
    Power User Settings
    Staff Members: Create Profiles
    Instruction Calendar - Edit a Calendar
    Template Management - Email Templates
Course Management
    Courses and Classes: Edit a Category / Subcategory
    Courses and Classes: Edit a Class Term
    Cancel or Transfer - Edit a Refund Method
    Custom Report Deletion

Lumens PRO Level 1-2020wIPRO Basics
Basic System Options
    System Preferences
    Financial Policies
    Instructional Calendar
Basic Financial Management
    Accounting Codes
Basic Room Management
Basic Instructors
    Instructor Profiles
    Job Titles, Education Levels, and Company Types
Basic Course Management
    Categories / Subcategories
Basic Student Management
    Student Profiles
Basic Registration
    Class Registration

Lumens PRO Level 2-2020wiPRO Intermediate
Intermediate System Options
    Template Management
    Optional Field Set Up
    List Value Management
    User Roles
Intermediate Course Management
    Lesson Release Times
    In-House Course Creation -Online and Hybrid
Intermediate Students
    Student Communications: Emails and Confirmations
    Catalog Requests
Intermediate Registration
    Registrations – Late, Transfers, and Cancels
    Registration - Waiting List
Intermediate Instructors
    Email and Confirmations to Instructors
Intermediate Class Information
    Go / No Go
    Class Management Action Items
    Instructor Checklist
    Class Status Change
    Record Class Grades, Attendance, and CEUs
    Release Forms

Lumens PRO Level 3-2020wiPRO Advance
Advanced System Options 
    Tracking Settings
    Inactive / Delete
    Dashboard Admin
Advanced Course Management
    Course Series
    Online Course Management
    Reports Groups
    Report Features
    Report Features: Filters and Output
    Report Features: Scheduled Reports
    Report Features: Custom Reports
Advanced Registration
    Cart Reservations
    Registration Underpayment
    Registration Overpayment
    Registration Split Payment
Financial Management
    Credit Vouchers