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  FAQs: Training Voucher and Third Party
  Payment of Non-Credit Classes and Programs

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Third-Party Payment Authorizations

The financial guarantee for payment of tuition and fees must be addressed specifically to Orange County Community College, CAPE/Student Accounts, and printed on agency letterhead, purchase order, or voucher. Payments must be unconditionally guaranteed and made by the due date specified on the College's invoice. Students must provide the third-party billing authorization or government training voucher to the Continuing and Professional Office via email ( at the time of registration. Failure to submit the authorization will prevent the College staff from registering the student. Sponsoring agencies and students being sponsored by these agencies should be aware that the student is ultimately responsible for any defaults in payments by the sponsoring agency. A student whose employer or sponsor reimburses him or her for tuition, class fees and other fees after receipt of grades is not considered a third party. A student must pay in full upon registration.

Who are considered "third parties"?

An employer, a military unit, a service organization, or a state agency agreeing to pay tuition, class fees, and other fees on a student's behalf and request that Orange County Community College bill them for these debts.

Examples: Military Tuition Assistance (TA), ACCES-VR (Vocational Rehabilitation), public school systems, Orange County Employment and Training Administration, WIOA Individual Training Accounts.

What is a "third party" payment agreement?

A third party payment agreement is a written authorization from an employer, a military unit, a service organization, or a state agency that gives Orange County Community College permission to shift the payment liability from the student to the organization for a specific class or program. The authorization should clearly state the total amount to be paid, including fees, the term, and specific courses (if applicable).

College Fees

Students are responsible for fees if they are not specifically covered by the third party in the authorization.

Partial Payment

In cases where the College receives proper documentation that a third party will pay a portion, but not all of class or program debt, the student is responsible for the remainder of the tuition and fees at the time of registration.

Outstanding Debts

The College will not allow a student to register, add classes, receive a transcript of grades/grade report, or other student services until all outstanding College debts are paid in full.

Submitting Billing Documents

It is the student's responsibility to assure that appropriate letters, authorizations, or other payment documents have been sent to the Continuing and Professional Education Office. We require the submission of a document at the time of registration. Documents can be emailed to Students who receive billing statements for courses assigned payment to a third party should notify our office at once. We encourage early submission of documents prior to the start date of the class or programs.

Release of Grades

Students are responsible for submitting transcripts if required by the sponsor.

Refund Policy

Please check this page for our current Refund Policy.


Contact us if you have discovered an error or have a question about your billing statement.

Phone: (845) 341-4890