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  Executive Assistant with Microsoft Office

      Phone: (877) 225-7151

Program Overview

In as little as 2 months, you can be prepared for a successful new career as an executive assistant! The Executive Assistant program helps you quickly gain the knowledge and skills you need to get a good job to better support your family and improve your financial security.

Prepare For A Better Job

Train affordably without sacrificing quality. Our comprehensive training was developed by industry professionals with years of experience to ensure that you're well prepared for a new job. The program is specially designed to help you succeed:

  • Prepare to earn the Microsoft Office Specialist Associate credential with Microsoft Office 2019 training
  • Gain the communication and planning skills needed to successfully run an office
  • Train to begin working immediately upon completion

Learn At Home

Online training minimizes the challenges of taking time out to return to school. The online training format offers distinct advantages:

  • Study on a schedule that fits your life
  • Progress at a pace that matches your learning style
  • Enjoy the flexibility to adjust the time and effort you devote to your coursework each day

Achieve Success With Live Learner And Career Support

Our program is designed to help you accomplish your goal of getting a job. In addition to  employer-trusted training and online flexibility, you'll also have one-on-one access to three support teams—learner support, technical support, and career support—to ensure you can complete your training and prepare for a better future! All of these support teams are committed to helping you:

  • Complete your training quickly
  • Prepare for your exam
  • Successfully move into the workforce

Learning Modules

Your program is broken down into manageable modules for each area of study. In addition, each module is made up of individual units to help you plan and pace your learning. Modules vary in length; some are quite long and contain many units. Other modules are short and contain only a few units. An outline and brief description of each course and its modules is provided to give you an overview of the program

Module Hours
  Getting Started & Program Overview 1
  Computer Fundamentals 7
  Microsoft Office Specialist 2019 1
  Word 2019: Beginner 10
  Word 2019: Intermediate 10
  Word 2019: Advanced 8
  Excel 2019: Beginner 12
  Excel 2019: Intermediate 8
  Excel 2019: Advanced 10
  Powerpoint 2019: Beginner 10
  Powerpoint 2019: Intermediate 12
  Outlook 2019: Beginner 12
  Outlook 2019: Intermediate 8
  Working as an Administrative Assistant 3
  Grammar and Punctuation 10
  Business Writing 16
  Office Procedures 16
  Final Exam Preparation 1




155 total hours of study; 18 self-paced, online modules


Online - progress through the curriculum on your own schedule and at your own pace


Learners are eligible to sit for the Microsoft Office Specialist: Associate


Your trainers are available by phone, email, and chat to help you learn the material